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The Zephyr: What is it?



a soft gentle breeze.

The Zephyr is MKCHS' revamped online literary magazine. Our main goal is to gather all the dates, details, stories, and creative works from this school year. We've taken on the task to give you an easily accessible place to find everything that Kelly has to offer.

On our website, we have six main sections that you can check out.

1. Home

Missed out on announcements? No worries. The homepage includes: daily lunch, BIRTHDAYS(!), and sports and clubs. If you ever have any questions or your own or announcements that you'd like to be featured, we have forms for you at the bottom of the page.

2. Creatives

Our team over at Creatives are publishing awe-inspiring works of art. Just as the name suggests, this page is an outlet for creativity and originality. From writing to art and photography, we have a little something for everyone. If you have your own work, don’t be shy; submit your own in a form at the bottom to get featured on the page.

3. Sports and Clubs

You might have been looking for some extracurriculars and noticed that you didn’t even know what’s out there. That’s why we've made a page just so you can see all the sports and clubs that are available. On the sports page, you can find seasonal upcoming games and events. On our club page, you’ll find a list and description of every club at Kelly, plus contact information.

4. Student Life

If you're reading this, then you have already discovered the Student Life page! Another self explanatory title, this page is for everything student body related. This includes informative articles for any major school update and event or just simple guides.

5. Technology

The tech team is broadening the horizons for those of you who are interested in developing along with just about anything hi-tech. You can interact with a community of people who have the same interests. We even have access to a 3D printer for each and every imaginable design.

6. Journalism

We’ve collaborated with Mrs. Miller’s Journalism students to bring you the latest world and local news. The stories will come from prompts that the students are given. We look forward to reading their works and getting all sorts of information out and about!

That’s a wrap on The Zephyr. We hope this article helped you become familiar with our site, and that you’ll come back to view upcoming posts. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. As always, feel free to ask any questions.

-Stay Breezy, Team Zephyr