When you have loss.
you have loved.
You have lived.
And learned.
You laugh.
and cried.
But you have this world.
This beautiful wonderful world.
All the trees and birds.
All full of light.
But the darkness rises.
With every sunrise.
Keep hope alive.
Till the last sunrise.
When it comes all will be light.
The heavens will judge.
Evil will disappear.
And shall you be at peace.
Jesus shall come again.
Till that happens.
Don't be despaired.
Keep love in your heart.
Keep darkness at bay.
Till Jesus comes.
Enjoy the light of day.
The fish in the sea.
The monkeys in the trees.
The nature around.
Enjoy your family and friends.

They will be with you all the way.
Through the dark and light.
Happy and sad.

To give you hope in the hopeless.
But do not despair when they fade away.
They are by your side every day.
Do not cry because.
You have this world.
This beautiful wonderful would.
All the trees and birds.
All full of light.
But the darkness rises.
With every sunrise.
Keep hope alive.
Till the last sunrise.
Because Jesus is alive.
Hope is alive.
Love is alive.
We are alive.
This is Life.
With the hill we climb .
The mountains we move.

Nothing can stop the rage darkness consumes.

If we have hope.
Share that hope .
Hope is the weapon of peace.
Enjoy that hope.
Be the hope in your life.
For this is LIFE.
For life is short.
But be wise.

Soon the heavens will judge.
The dead and alive.

Lauren Maglalang


“A Change of Heart” (inspired by Pride and Prejudice)

Proposing to Lizzy was a disaster.

Rejection and pain he did feel after.

In shock he listened to her accusations

despite all his feelings of great vexation.


Oh, the embarrassment and despair

that he had felt while standing there!

Pride and arrogance were his bane,

but from these he would later refrain.


At last, Darcy had a change of heart!

From her he did not want to be apart.

Far away went his air of vanity,

replaced by a sense of renewed humanity.


All of this since she had the tenacity

to call him out for his audacity.

By Lizzy, Darcy was forever changed, 

and finally their marriage was arranged.

Lauren Maglalang


A Day Reborn

“A Day Reborn”


The dazzling sun climbs the sky

early in the morn.

A new day is created;

a new day is reborn.


Skies are brightly illuminated

with brilliant, blazing hues

as people start to rise

from their well-rested snooze.


People go about

their busy, busy days.

The sun doesn’t go anywhere; 

it is there to stay.


Does the sun ever tire

of emitting its incandescence?

Or of persistently glittering 

its golden luminescence?


Sometimes strength

is what it needs to regain.

That’s when the sky darkens,

and the clouds make it rain.


As the sun sets,

the sky is painted with vivid light.

Pink, orange, red— 

oh, what a sight!


As the sky darkens, 

the sun says no goodbye,

for the next morning,

it is waiting to say, “hi.”

Kristine Sherman



The brain 


It’s an amazing thing 


A tool of inspiration  


An explanation  

Of why 

I try  

So many times 

To remind  

Others that I cannot change who I am 

I cannot change my mind so easily 


But they don’t listen 


Our central nervous system  

Reacts the same towards pain 

Our nerves acting as telephone wires 

Delivering a message  

That our safety is dire 

Not to hurt ourselves and each other 


But we still do 


Some people have razors that  

Cut the connections 

Some people have words that  

Makes us believe 

We have to make corrections 

We act like it’s human nature 

Like we can’t stop it 


But you can 


You just choose to reject it 


Everything I say  

Everything I do 

Will be held against me 

In the court of social society 


Does not define me 

Because I have let go 

Of all the things 

People have thought of me 

Have said to me 


Because maybe 

Telling people they have a choice 

Of how they’re supposed to react to me 

Wasn’t the wisest of decisions 


Because all school has ever taught me 

Was to survive the pain and the entirety 

Of my class; my family 

Never knew 


They told me to ignore them 

But that never worked 

I’d have to beat them 

Myself, alone 


Scared, scarred 

The two words, defined by one letter  

Practically synonymous  

Because when have you recalled a time 

When you scared and it didn’t scar? 


Because all those cuts people inflict upon themselves 

Aren’t illnesses  

They’re fear 

Fear of what’s outside their mind 

Fear of what’s inside their mind 

Fear of what I now know is society 


They preach 

What I thought we were supposed to be 

I thought we built each other up 

But I was wrong 

We were knocked down 

Like toy blocks 

Made of dreams and hopes and aspirations  


The fact that I still remember what I thought 

When I realized that this world 

Isn’t one you are supposed to thrive in 

It’s one you are supposed to survive in 


And no matter how many speeches you give 

Nothing will change the mind of the millennia  

Their insults will evolve 



Around you 


But you can fight 

And most definitely can survive 


Because if I know anything about a fight 

It’s that we will thrive