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This guide is a quick summary for the basics of what each entry entails. For more comprehensive information, you can access the links provided. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email the head of our Journalism Section: carashield2023@mkchs.net. Thank you!


Journalism Article - Opinion Piece - Review Article




Journalism Article



What is it?

Journalism is the practice of finding, organizing, and presenting news. A journalist will first decide upon a relevant topic about which to write, then do the research necessary for relaying this topic to an audience, put it into words, and, lastly, have the work reviewed and verified before releasing it.


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Why does it matter?

Journalism keeps people informed about issues and realities in their world. It is crucial to a free society. Good journalism is a platform for informed and independent reports to be made available to everyone, and it is a foundation of a functioning democracy.


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How do I write an article?

The first priority in journalism is the truth. Journalists are not objective, but their methods are. An article is written through verifiable information available to a journalist through sources, which can be previously published data but also material from interviews conducted by the journalist. A journalistic style will be concise and straightforward. The first paragraph lays the subject out for the readers, and the article must address the who, what, where, when, and why of the topic . Information is typically presented in order of importance (most to least), and paragraphs are relatively short. The title is interesting and addresses the content.


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Opinion Piece


What is it?

An editorial is written by the editorial board of a news organization, a guest column is written by an expert on the topic outside a news organization, and a letter to the editor is written by any author. All are news reports that express or argue an opinion. For our purposes, The Zephyr encompasses all of these terms into an “opinion piece,” as student or staff submissions consist of the whole of our content.


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Why does it matter?

An editorial, guest column, or letter to the editor (all opinion news pieces) provide different perspectives in a topic, provoke greater thought on an issue, encourage discussion, reveal important aspects, and are an outlet of informed expression in the media.


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How do I write an opinion piece?

An opinion piece entails similar aspects to a general persuasive piece. First, it is good to establish what the topic in question is and why it is relevant. It is important to provide tangible and logical evidence to prove your point, and you should organize your message in a concise and understandable manner. Typically, an opinion piece will only cover one topic and the fewest number of points necessary.


For more information on how to write an opinion piece (or letter to the editor), visit:


Review Article



What is it?

A review article is typically an evaluation of a research piece, but, for our purposes, it can be over any work, including literature, plays, or even movies. Regardless, the fundamentals stay the same. Review articles are an assessment of a previously published piece. They lay out the main ideas of the work and appraise its writing as a whole, discussing content, intelligibility, and relevance.


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Why does it matter?

Besides being a great writing exercise, review articles are a way to share your view of a work with others and behoove your audience by providing an outside opinion on different pieces and highlighting the basic content; they are valuable guides.


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How do I write a review article?

First, choose a piece that you have either read or viewed about which you have something to say. Then, define the question(s) that you are answering in your review. (Eg. Why read this? Why not? What does this work strive to portray, and did it succeed? What is it about? - etc.) Only discuss content in your work that is relevant to your review and approach it in view of the fact that your audience has not read what you are discussing. Begin your piece with a general encapsulation of the work in question, and end once you have all points of your assessment.


For more information on how to write a review article, visit: (This is over a standard scientific review, but you can translate its tips as to how they would apply to your review)


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