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Valentines Day


  • Boys Baseball Game - 2/10/22

  • Boys Basketball Game - 2/10/22

  • Girls Basketball Game - 2/10/22


  • Interact Club Valentines Day Cards for Elders at Caldwood

  • Prayer Club is Selling Carnations for $2.50 on Valentines Day

  • Congratulations to Aryanna Lyon and Madison Goudeaux!


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What is the Zephyr?

We're glad you've come to check out the Zephyr. If you're like most people you probably don't quite understand what it is.
The Zephyr is a student-run online website, blog, creative outlet, etc. Sponsored by  Mrs.Perkinz, The Zephyr features students' creative works such as stories, poems, visual art, and journalistic pieces. 
This school year, we're working on "rebooting" the Zephyr. We're hoping to update the site so that you are able to know about the events that are happening here at Kelly. Please be patient with us.
   Stay Breezy
    - Team Zephyr

Upcoming Events

  • Valentines Day - 2/14/22

  • Boys Soccer Senior Night - 2/18/22

About Us

The wind is a timelessly vivid image. In the Hebrew bible, it was the word used for “spirit”, and, in Chritianity, it is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. For a talented group at Kelly in 1998, in the words of their founder Mrs. Lambright, it symbolized “the breath of inspiration that brings about creative works.” In honor of this, they chose to name their school’s inspiration “The Zephyr”, meaning breeze. For years, this literary magazine upheld its namesake,  providing not only an informative platform but also a creative channel through which students expressed themselves and developed their abilities. Today, we have brought this service back to our school online, where we hope to carry out The Zephyr’s original intent in ways never before possible. With this memory resurrected, we can’t wait to see where it’s new direction will take us, and we hope you find it to be a breath of fresh air, both rich and rewarding. Welcome to your outlet of notice, expression, and innovation: The Zephyr.

- article written by Cara Shield

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