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    Whether you’re a homeowner, house manager, or security operator, there are more ways than ever to improve the security of your property.

    The past year has greatly changed the way we think about our homes. Not just as residential properties, but as workplaces too. It’s no surprise that many of us care more about protecting our families, homes, and belongings. Smart home security installations have fast become the go-to solution.

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    Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their property is professionally monitored and protected around the clock. This is thanks to advances in surveillance, automation, and sensor technology. Smart home security systems are becoming more robust. More importantly, the way they seamlessly integrate with each other provides a range of benefits.

    As we’ll explore throughout this blog, integration can enhance your security operations. This is done by making them more proactive, responding to threats in real-time. We'll outline six cutting edge integrated systems built with personal safety and privacy in mind. They are designed to better protect properties, occupants, and valuable assets from intruders.

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    Perimeter Protection

    While effective, CCTV isn’t a guaranteed deterrent against intruders. When it comes to high-end security systems, perimeter protection is your first line of defence. There are a number of ways perimeter protection can integrate with smart home security systems. The purpose of these systems is to identify potential intruders before they even come close to your home.

    In other words, smart perimeter controls can act as an invisible watchtower. This gives homeowners and security managers enough time to react. They can then take the appropriate measures in ensuring the safety of a property and its occupants.

    There are a few different options available. For example, fence protection is more advanced now than it has ever been. One solution is installing sensors, such as those offered by Senstar. These will detect unauthorised attempts to cross a boundary onto your property. Sensors can be discreetly installed so as not to create an eyesore or impact the aesthetics of your property. Through motion detection they will identify what is a real intrusion and weather/animal disturbance to prevent false alarms. This system will continue to protect, even in the event of a power outage.

    Buried sensors work a little differently. However, they have the same function of detecting intruders before they are able to breach a perimeter. Underground detectors will sense any nearby presence, relaying this back to your security management centre. Being placed underground makes buried sensors discreet while protecting them from damage.

    Perimeter controls can integrate with your smart security technology in a number of ways. For example, when a motion sensor detect an intruder, you can integrate your system so that nearby lights are switched. This can also work with CCTV cameras. Sensors are designed to accurately pinpoint an intruder’s point of entry. This means that only nearby lights and cameras will be activated.

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    Automatic Gates

    Smart security technology will often protect your home while being invisible. Meanwhile, it’s impossible to ignore the gateway into your property. Gates should make a statement. Professionally installed automatic gates can be styled to suit your exact requirements, offering a variety of security features. This opens the door to plenty of integration opportunities with other systems.

    Having automatic gates makes sure they are always closed to keep out opportunists and keep pets in. Convenience is key, with the option to open gates using a connected device, wherever, whenever. Expecting an important delivery? Use integrated CCTV or an intercom to see who is approaching your gates before allowing them entry.

    RFID and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) can also integrate with gates. These two technologies can be used to ensure your access control is as secure as possible. For example, you could fit your gate with an RFID reader. This can then scan an RFID tag fitted to an authorised vehicle. Once verified via ANPR, only then will the vehicle be allowed access through the gates.

    ANPR is a dual-purpose integrated solution for both security and access control. It allows access to authenticated vehicles but also records data of all vehicle plates. As they enter and leave a property, information on every vehicle is stored in a database. Gates can also be programmed to only allow access to certain vehicles during certain times of day. For example, your gardener may only have access credentials between 8am and 5pm. Attempts to enter outside of these times will raise an alarm. For added security, you may also want to consider installing automatic bollards.

    Automatic Gate

    Alarm Systems

    Burglar alarms have long been the cornerstone of home security systems. Today's selection of smart alarms are much more advanced. They offer better feature sets, accuracy, and ease of installation, though perform the same core functions. The purpose of using an alarm system is to alert homeowners when an intruder is on their property. Alarm systems have a secondary purpose of deterring intruders too. This is because many of them are connected to sirens and lights.

    Chris Lewis are at the forefront of security technology. We are dedicated to keeping homes protected in the most advanced yet simple way possible. We professionally install state of the art home alarm systems such as those offered by leading manufacturer Texecom so you can rest easy knowing that you are protected. When installed by Chris Lewis, an NSI Gold accredited company, your alarms are linked to a police responder when triggered.

    Alarms can also integrate with other security systems to improve their effectiveness. Modern security installations are built to be fully centralised for your convenience, creating synergy between any devices connected to increase awareness and efficiency. One way this affects alarm systems is by sending you direct notifications when alarms are triggered. You’ll receive live information once alarms are triggered and take the appropriate action.

    Smart solutions will allow you to manage your alarm remotely, anywhere, at any time, from a connected smart device. One way alarms can integrate with other systems is by linking it with CCTV. It’s possible to set up a virtual zone monitored by security cameras that will trigger when unauthorised persons enter this zone during a specific time of day. This is particularly important if you have important assets you want to protect, whether that’s cars inside a property’s garage or rooms that store valuable artwork and other assets.

    Alarms can also integrate with technology such as Smoke Cloak. Triggering an alarm will fill a room with smoke to prevent intruders from stealing valuables, also making it harder for them to escape. Its DNA laced smoke can discreetly attach to intruders which helps to later identify them.

    Verkada system

    Smart CCTV Systems

    CCTV is another area in which we’ve seen rapid innovation thanks to smart technology.

    When we think of CCTV nowadays, we think more than just security cameras. Today's smart security systems feature 4K-ready cameras, offering unrivalled video quality. Not only that, the way you can manage and control CCTV systems is more advanced than ever before.

    CCTV can enhance your existing network of sensors to create video tripwires. Set up virtual zones that will trigger an alarm if someone enters them during a specific timeframe. CCTV can be monitored on site by your security team, or off-site using monitoring stations such as those operated by Chris Lewis. When there is a security breach the monitoring station is notified. They will verify if it’s an intruder, and raises the alarm in the house, calling your security team and the police.

    Today’s CCTV cameras offer a range of dynamic features like night vision. They also go well beyond just recording video. Smart AI can recognise number plates and even faces using powerful video analytics software such as Avigilon. This can be integrated with alarm systems and access control, even recognising faces that are obscured.

    Paxton home CCTV 2
    Set gates to automatically open if they detect an authorised vehicle approaching. Similarly, receive notifications if someone enters a property and the cameras can't detect their identity.

    Smart CCTV is more efficient than traditional camera networks. They can be set up to only record video during an AI-detected event, reducing the need to record and store hours of idle footage. CCTV won’t be triggered by animals or weather conditions/tree swaying.

    Finally, the way footage is stored and processed has also been completely revolutionised. Whether streaming directly from cameras or using a cloud connector with an existing DVR, footage can be stored remotely on the cloud.

    There are numerous benefits to cloud CCTV solutions offered by manufacturers such as Verkada and Tether. It’s easier to upgrade and maintain, and can scale to any property size (or any number of cameras).

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    Intercom Systems

    Intercom systems are an important security measure for managing visitors and deliveries. They enable you to verify the credentials of the visiting person and even save a “mug shot” before you let them through your gates or you open your front door.

    Intercoms can connect to your smartphone to answer intercom calls remotely from anywhere in the world. You can easily open gates and doors at the press of a button, letting delivery drivers, gardeners, or cleaners inside the property.

    Other integration opportunities include:

      • Registering bluetooth credentials. The intercom will automatically open the door or gate for you when it detects your phone.

      • Link with nearby cameras so your intercom can check there aren’t unauthorised people following when entering through doors and gates.

      • Integrate with your smart home system so intercom calls appear on television screens when coming through.
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    Security Management Systems

    Genetec Security Centre is ideal for upgrading or building a control room. This allows security managers to integrate, monitor, and control the various systems set up around the property. This includes access control, alarms, CCTV, and more.

    They will receive live footage and notifications of events and alarms. The system is also able to cleverly pinpoint events using locational information. This allows security operators to be proactive in how they tackle security threats instead of reacting after the fact. By working with a Certified Partner such as Chris Lewis, you are ensuring that your investment in this intelligent software is being effectively managed.

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    For high-end property you may also want to consider some of the following security systems and installations:

    • Security doors and windows. These can fit with the existing aesthetic of your home and are easy to use. They offer enhanced security features ideal for multi-million pound properties such as ballistic proof doors and windows.

    • Roller shutters for added protection that can also slow down intruders.

    • Luxury safes and panic/safe rooms equipped with a zinc-coated security door that offers electronic locking. Read in/read out access control and an emergency break glass exit from the inside. The door is both drill and cut proof, keeping the occupants safe.

    • Safe rooms come with ancillaries in the case of an emergency. Usually come equipped with a welfare pack (water, rations, first aid, defibrillators) as well as a landline and mobile phone. A CCTV screen will also allow occupants to monitor camera footage to determine whether they are safe from threats.

    • Drone defence is another consideration. Innovations such as SkyFence can be embedded around a property’s perimeter, fitted with transmitters to ward off drones attempting to invade your property and privacy.
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    As someone who manages or operates the security of a multi-million pound property, it is your responsibility to make sure that the property, its inhabitants, and any valuable assets are constantly protected around the clock. As we’ve highlighted throughout this blog, making sure you have the latest security systems installed is essential. However, it is just as important to make sure that these systems are being smartly integrated to allow for a proactive security strategy.

    Using cutting edge alarms, CCTV, and access control, coupled with a smart security management system, you will have the best protection against intrusions while also improving convenience for security operators through unification.

    But how will high-end smart home security systems change in the coming years? We’re already starting to see drone technology get off the ground. High value commercial sites are adopting AI-controlled drones, such as those offered by Skeyetech. These offer automated mobile surveillance, reducing the need for as many static cameras.

    When it comes to installing your ideal, fully-integrated security system, Chris Lewis can help. We offer system budget comparison, system design and schematics, and talk customers through a range of manufacturers and features.

    Chris Lewis Group have worked with clients to install high-end security systems for heritage sites and multi-million pound properties including Barrington Park Estate, Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons, Hampton Court, and many more. Our dedicated installation and maintenance teams will help design, implement and support your integrated security systems. Chris Lewis can replace, upgrade, and take over existing systems, even if they weren’t fitted by us.


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