Keeping an eye on what matters to you most

    When it comes to the safety of your family, there is nothing more important. That's why our range of home CCTV systems are packed full of the latest technology, ensuring that you can look after your home, family, and possessions from anywhere in the world.

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    We understand that when it comes to protecting your home, you need a CCTV system that you can rely on. A system that fulfils all the basic requirements of capturing live footage and storing it for later. Here at Chris Lewis our technology enables CCTV to prevent break-ins and unwanted access, before it even happens. Our CCTV systems are installed to prevent people entering your home, rather just identifying them after the fact.

    Access cameras remotely from a mobile, tablet, or desktop device with all footage being stored in the cloud. 

    Integrate your CCTV technology with security lights and other smart security systems, all controlled through a single app and scalable to suit any requirements

    Use CCTV as a video tripwire and start recording/sounding the alarm if motion is detected in a specific area. Taking a proactive not reactive approach. 

    Install cameras inside, outside, and surrounding your home for complete visibility. Consider night vision cameras for  24/7 protection.

    Doing more than just recording and storing video

    Here at Chris Lewis, our expertise lies in the customisation and integration opportunities available with CCTV technology. Our team of experts want to make CCTV and video surveillance work for you by exploring the options beyond the obvious, supporting you in the ever evolving battle to keep your home and family safe. We will also advise homeowners on how to prevent CCTV cybercrime threats.

    When you integrate your home CCTV systems with your front gates, you can use ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to open or close the gates based on who’s car is there and at what time. Perfect for allowing cleaners and gardeners access to your home when you are away.

    Learn more about our residential gates

    Integrate your full HD CCTV system with your burglar alarms, sending push notifications and a live feed of your home directly to a mobile device. This allows you to assess the situation and act accordingly. Here at Chris Lewis we ensure professional installation of your smart security camera system, ensuring your home is always protected from potential intruders.

    Learn more about our intruder alarm offering

    CCTV can be used to prevent individuals from getting into your property in the first place, as opposed to just identifying them once they already have. How? With multiple camera options and using facial recognition software, our CCTV systems can detect unwanted visitors to your home or property and then sound an alarm (either silent or normal) to alert you, your neighbours, and the police.

    With our CCTV systems, you can access live footage of your home from anywhere in the world. So next time you're sat on the way to the airport, stressing about leaving the oven on, just login to a mobile app and check.

    Taking a more local approach, if you’re at the pub and see your alarm has been triggered, you can check the live footage of your wireless security camera's before either calling the police or deactivating the alarm if it was accidental.

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    “Our introduction to Chris Lewis involved their installation of security systems, but as a result of their workmanship I employed them to take on all my lighting and AV needs”

    “The team’s ideas to overcome challenges and their professionalism make them a great company to work with.”

    “The service that we have received has been first rate. Chris Lewis Fire & Security has really taken the time to understand our requirements and limitations, and has delivered in every aspect of the work."

    "The solution implemented by Chris Lewis Fire & Security is highly intuitive and has delivered the level of protection required. I was also very impressed with the amount of training and the level of support that was provided. “

    What can we do for you?

    When it comes to the safety of your home, family, and possessions, you need to trust the experts. Here at Chris Lewis, we have over 25 year’s experience in supporting families against unwanted visitors, meaning we have seen it all and are perfectly positioned (much like our cameras) to help keep your home and loved ones protected.

    We can come to your home and discuss your requirements, limitations, and concerns, before designing, installing, and maintaining a CCTV system that helps put you at ease and delivers on your expectations. Already got an existing system? No problem. We offer a wide range of maintenance and upgrade packages to suit your individual needs. So, whatever your home CCTV requirements may look like, we are here to help.

    Looking to connect with one of our experts regarding your requirements?

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