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    You already know the benefits that CCTV brings. It keeps a secure eye on your stock, customers, and staff, as well as giving you peace of mind that these are safe. However, some systems don’t always deliver. Older cameras may have poor picture quality, be badly positioned, or use older style monitors with lower resolution. This makes them almost useless to you if a crime is committed.

    Access high definition video and images anywhere in the world

    HD CCTV systems are different. With up to 15x more detail than analogue, these Megapixel cameras offer picture quality so good that you can read number plates clearly and identify visitors as they enter. Now, imagine being able to access this high quality footage from your pocket. New HD CCTV technology enables you to access video footage and images from your CCTV cameras through your mobile device! This means you can acknowledge and correct any issues as soon as they arise from your phone, tablet, or laptop! This increases the overall safety of your physical assets, as you are able to access evidence easily, quickly, and with more legitimacy. These systems are easy to use, with touch screen controls and remote monitoring alerts, making your life much simpler.

    Why choose HD CCTV?

    Remote monitoring alerts

    With remote monitoring alerts, you can be made aware of any activity on your HD CCTV cameras, wherever you are. These alerts are accessible through mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops, so the information is literally at your fingertips.

    High quality footage

    The benefits of the High Definition (HD) aspect to HD CCTV Cameras are endless. The crisp footage allows for more accuracy and improved legitimacy if you ever have a crime committed against you. This also helps in identification as you are able to read number plates and use facial recognition with ease. The digital zoom feature available on this kind of technology makes all of this even simpler, as you are able to zoom into a video to identify features more clearly.

    Footage recorded on a hard disk

    With all footage being recorded on a hard disk, this makes it easily accessible and allows for simple search and playback.

    IR options

    The option for Infrared technology is an innovative addition to CCTV technology. With Infrared, you can easily identify unwanted visitors in the dark and establish more quickly and easily what action to take.

    Easily installed and adaptable

    Installation of HD CCTV cameras is easy and quick with little hassle, meaning you can focus on your work without worry and continue as normal once they are installed. These systems are also highly scalable, with the ability for adaptation and addition. You can install anywhere between one and thirty cameras without the need to upgrade your hardware, making it easy if you should decide to add more cameras in the future.

    Business safe with HD CCTV
    Business safe with HD CCTV


    Innovative CCTV Systems

    It’s not only the picture quality and ease of use that make these systems superior, the technology that these cameras deliver makes them an obvious choice. With the versatility of Infrared, these cameras give you high quality HD images during day and night. Plus, with remote monitoring alerts available, you can be contacted on your phone instantly if any unusual activity is detected.

    Cost effective

    Although the cameras themselves are more expensive than analogue systems, the installation is cheaper and far less disruptive, with less cabling and parts to be fitted. And of course, the results, in terms of picture quality and ease of use making it a wise investment that will pay off hugely in the long run.

    At Chris Lewis Fire and Security, we install some of the most innovative cameras available on the market – by manufacturers including Hikvision, Avigilon and Milestone.