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Free CCTV Cameras for Schools, Colleges & Universities in Oxfordshire

Written by Luke Lewis-Rippington | Feb 16, 2021 7:45:00 AM

After the emergence of COVID-19 and the consequences this brought, one of the most highly affected areas still remains to be the education sector. With on and off lockdowns being brought in across the country since March 2020, many have been worried about how this will impact the education of the next generation.

Alongside this, many schools, colleges, and universities are working with limited staff capacity, taking care of key worker children, and risking the security of buildings and the assets contained within. As a company that specialises in Security, we decided to try and help out.

Chris Lewis are offering free Verkada Cloud CCTV cameras to schools, colleges, and universities in Oxfordshire, in the hope that we can help to keep these areas safe during what has been a really difficult time. These cameras are easy to set up and, with internet-enabled cloud capabilities, will enable users to keep an eye on their property straight from a smartphone or internet enabled device!

This reduces the need for staff members to respond to an alarm physically, whilst also allowing you to assess any situation remotely and deciding the best action to take. It also works to give you complete peace of mind that your educational assets are safe at all times.

With two clicks, you can have a live stream from your Verkada Cloud CCTV camera straight to your internet enabled device. With easy, on-the-go accessibility and the freedom that peace of mind and security gives you, free CCTV cameras for schools, universities, and colleges just seems like a sensible solution. For more details on how to receive your free Verkada Cloud CCTV Camera for your school, college, or university, please click here.

Why do I need a Cloud CCTV Camera?

Oxfordshire is an area full of rich history, with many long-standing schools, colleges, and universities that contribute to its historical beauty. However, alongside this beauty and history, comes the need for increased security.

This is something that is especially difficult to tackle during a pandemic with limited staff, limited budget, and less foot traffic during the day. It is important for every educational facility to have the correct security measures in place anyway, even during normality, to ensure the safety of not only the building and its assets, but also the safety of staff, students, and visitors. 

What is Verkada Cloud CCTV?

Verkada’s Cloud CCTV cameras are built to provide the easiest and best security solution possible for users. Their cameras are internet enabled, meaning they are easily controlled through your smartphone/internet enabled devices and automatically update themselves to stay constantly on top of security updates and any threats. You just plug the camera into a network socket with internet access, scan the QR code on your mobile phone and you're away! With easy set-up and simple user interface, it’s never been easier to keep an eye on your school, college, or university. 


How Chris Lewis can Help you

As a nearly 30-year-old Oxfordshire based company, we have worked with many educational facilities over the years. This includes a strong and long-lasting relationship with the University of Oxford, the implementation of security solutions at St Edwards School, and an almost 10-year relationship with Leighton Park School.

From these relationships, we understand the importance of school, college, and university safety and security, also understanding the best solutions to implement for any environment, whatever the requirements. Whether you are dedicated to upholding the historical integrity and aesthetic of the building or whether you need lockdown alarms in place, we can provide a solution to suit your educational property.

We are offering free Verkada CCTV Cameras to schools, colleges, and universities in the Oxfordshire area on a first come first served basis. We have a number of CCTV cameras in our warehouse that need to be put to good use, so what better way to do that? These cameras will easily blend into any environment, are easy to set up, and even simpler to use. Plus, you can keep these cameras for up to 6 months and we will pay the shipping both ways!