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    Access Control

    Can I open my automatic gates manually?

    Yes – you should have been issued with a key release that will let you open them manually.

    Can I operate an access control system for remote buildings from a single central location?

    Yes – the control system can be connected to your network. It will allow authorised personnel to amend access rights, run numerous reports on users, track the use of lost or stolen cards and issue new or temporary cards.

    Can I use a mobile phone to open my electric gates?

    Yes – in addition to the radio remote control for your electric gates we now have a GSM module that enables you to dial an access code from your mobile phone to open them.

    My access control locks don't seem to engage, what should I do?

    The break glass unit may have been operated and need resetting.

    My access control locks don't seem to be working- what should I do?

    Check if the green light on the reading device is on. If it isn’t, then check the power is on. If the green light is on, then you may need to reset the breakglass unit. If it still doesn’t work, then please contact our Customer Services Team.

    My gates wont close, what should I do?

    This may be because the photocells (the beam between the two pillars) are being obstructed by something (eg mud, insects or foliage). To check whether the photocells are working correctly, wave your hand in front of the pillar. You should hear a clicking sound. If there’s no click, then check for obstructions and if there is no obstruction please contact our Customer Services Team.


    Are all network IP cameras the same?

    No, some network cameras have an embedded OS (Operating System) as well as an embedded web server. To be called a ‘network IP camera’, the camera must connect to a network and not a computer. An embedded OS is what separates network cameras.

    Can I get my CCTV video recorder serviced?

    We don’t support the servicing of VCRs. We would suggest that you upgrade to digital recording. Please call us on 01865 782444 to discuss upgrading your CCTV recording equipment.

    Can I view my CCTV system remotely?

    Yes. It’s possible to view your CCTV footage via a dedicated monitoring station or via an internet connection.

    Can network IP cameras use different lenses?

    Advanced network IP cameras utilise CS-mount lenses and can accommodate a variety of specialised lenses, such as wide-angle, fish-eye or telephoto.

    Do I need a public fixed IP address for each CCTV camera?

    No. You can have a static IP address for each camera, but you don’t need to. Using just one static IP address for your router and a virtual server or port forwarding scheme, you can use many cameras with just one static IP and just about any router. NB the IP camera must have an adjustable web server port (ie you must be able to change the web server port) to use multiple cameras behind a router.

    How do I download my CCTV footage?

    If you have an internal CD writer then please refer to the manual in the ‘Resource’ section of our website to show you how to do this. If you don’t have a CD writer, please contact our Customer Services Team for assistance.

    How is IP carried on a network?

    IP really isn’t very fussy about how its packets are transported. It usually defaults to whatever is most convenient for the network itself. As long as the transmitter and receiver observe some convention that allows IP packets to be differentiated from other data, then IP can be used to carry data between those stations.

    What does IP stand for?

    Most prevalent transmission and switching technique being used today is IP (Internet Protocol) / Ethernet. IP / Ethernet was originally designed for the LAN but is also migrating into the MAN etc. This technology accounts for over 80% of all installed LANs today. In addition, over 90% of the devices in these networks are IP enabled i.e. they can be found by their IP address.

    What does Lux mean?

    Lux is the expression given to measure a camera’s sensitivity to ambient light. The lower the number, the less light is required for the camera to produce a clear image.

    What is Power-Over-Ethernet (POE)?

    Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or “Active Ethernet” eliminates the need to run power to devices on a wired LAN. Using Power-over-Ethernet, installers need to run only a single CAT5 ethernet cable that carries both power and data to each device. This allows greater flexibility and in many cases significantly decreases installation costs.

    What is the advantage of the embedded OS?

    Cameras with an embedded OS communicate directly with the user, the images or video is sent directly from the camera to the person accessing the camera. A network camera without an embedded OS must rely on a third party server or a separate piece of software, meaning the images / video is sent indirectly to the user via the third party server.

    Why choose a network IP camera over a web camera?

    An network IP Camera is a true networked device. It contains an embedded OS (Operating System), supports multiple users, and can be viewed using any web browser. It does not require additional hardware to operate and therefore has the flexibility to be located anywhere with a network connection. A web cam must be connected to a host computer, supports only one user at a time, and cannot be shared on a network. Only the host computer can access the web cam.

    Fire Alarms

    After a power cut my fire alarm panel went into fault. The power fault light was showing. The power is now back on but the panel is still showing a fault. What should I do now?

    Many fire panels have a latching fault feature. To clear the fault use the silence alarm button and then the reset button.

    Can smoke detection be incorporated into monitored fire alarms?

    Yes, all new fire alarm systems can be integrated into a monitored system. Remote monitored fire alarms (RMFAs) must now be registered with the Fire & Rescue Service and receive a Unique Reference Number (URN).

    I accidentally broke the fire alarm glass and dont have a spare one. What can i do?

    Turn the broken glass round (back to front) and re-insert it as a temporary fix.

    I have just done a fire alarm test and the panel is bleeping, why?

    Check that the control key is in the right position.

    I've had the decorators in. They removed the detector/ sounder to paint round it and the panel went into fault. Why?

    The panel is designed to detect disturbance to any of its detection or sounder circuits. To clear the fault use the silence alarm button and then the reset button.

    When I do the weekly fire test, why can't I just use the evacuate button on the panel?

    Doing this does not test the system. It only activates the sounders from the panel.

    Intruder Alarms

    Are wireless intruder alarms any good?

    It depends which one you get. They can be prone to false alarm from rogue frequencies. However, professionally supplied wireless alarms are far superior to those available in DIY stores and our engineers can detect rogue frequencies and test signal strengths, thus minimising false alarms.

    The sensors tend to be slightly larger as they must incorporate a decent sized battery, but you do have the advantage of taking it with you if you move house.

    Can burglar alarms cope with pets?

    Yes, burglar alarms now have pet-immune sensors. Our engineers will advise you on the best way of setting up your alarm system when we assess your property.

    Can intruder alarm systems include panic buttons?

    Yes, they can include fixed or portable panic buttons, which are invaluable if there is an intruder in the house.

    Do I have to change any batteries in a wired alarm system?

    No. All of our alarms have rechargeable batteries. Our engineer will check these annually as part of the service agreement and change them when necessary.

    Do you service alarms that you have not installed?

    This is usually possible but it depends on the alarm system you have. Our engineers would need to discuss this with you before we can agree an annual service and maintenance plan.

    How do I get police response for my intruder alarms?

    The Police require all intruder alarm systems to be DD243 compliant. If you need to regain Police response, or want to ensure your new system is DD243-compliant, contact us for more information.

    How do I turn my burglar alarm off?

    Whenever you re-enter your house, your alarm will bleep. Just enter the code and it will switch itself off.

    How long is my alarm guaranteed for?

    All our alarms are guaranteed for the first year following installation – that includes parts and labour charges as a result of faulty equipment or workmanship. We also offer an optional extended five year warranty.

    How to ping an IP address

    How will I know an alarm has gone off whilst I've been away?

    When you return an external strobe light will be flashing on the box to warn you that there may potentially be danger in the house. Also, the keypad will bleep differently to normal when you open the door. In smart alarm systems, it’s also possible to get a mobile notification if an alarm is triggered.

    I want to change my key-holders' details

    Please go to Customer Services and fill in the Keyholder Form. You can either print and post, or email this back to us.

    Should I set my burglar alarm at night?

    Yes, and we always recommend you do. We will programme the system to include only those areas of the premises that you want protected and exclude others for the ‘night’ setting. It is more disturbing to be burgled when you are asleep than when you are out of the house!

    What happens if my alarm goes off?

    The alarm will ring for a pre-programmed period of time before silencing and re-alarming itself. All you need to do is enter the code to stop it.

    What happens if my neighbours just ignore my intruder alarm?

    We can link your alarm to your telephone line so that it calls your mobile, your office, your relatives, or a central monitoring station. That means someone is always alerted if there is a problem.

    Who chooses the four-digit code for the alarm panel?

    You can – it’s not factory set and can be changed at any time.

    Will the police respond if my intruder alarm is going off?

    The police will only respond if you have a professionally fitted intruder alarm with a signalling device, not a DIY installation.

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